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Sustainable Impact Award

Sustainable Impact Award

of the Sustainable Impact Award

eeden's Recap

The recent Sustainable Impact Awards saw eeden recognized in the ‘Newcomer’ category, a nod to our innovative work in the textile sector. Organized by WirtschaftsWoche, this event annually brings together industry leaders focused on sustainability, providing a forum for sharing best practices, challenges, and visions for the future.

One of the notable highlights from the ceremony was Horst von Buttlar’s conversation with Gunter Erfurt, underscoring the urgency for augmented renewable energy investments in Europe. Such dialogues emphasized the interlinked nature of industries, from energy to textiles, in our shared quest for sustainability.

The event, beyond its celebratory nature, fostered essential business dialogues. It facilitated networking, sparking discussions on potential collaborations, and sharing insights on the evolving landscape of sustainable business models. The collective presence of attendees, each championing sustainability in their respective fields, reinforced the importance and potential of cross-industry collaboration.

In reflection, the Sustainable Impact Awards provided eeden with an invaluable platform to showcase its contributions, learn from peers, and set our sights on future endeavors in the textile industry’s sustainable evolution. We thank WirtschaftsWoche and all involved for this opportunity and look forward to further advancements in our sector.

Sustainable Impact Award

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