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Resource-saving and efficient

Our technology

To enable circular textiles as efficiently as possible, we have developed our technology based on the ‘Green Chemistry Principles’. The upcycling technology recovers cellulose from cotton and transforms polyester into its basic building blocks. Both products can then be processed into new, high-quality textile fibers.

Shaping the textile industry of the future together.


eeden transforms old textiles into cellulose and polyester components.


Industrial partners process eeden's materials into Lyocell, Viscose, and Polyester.


Brands create high-quality clothing from these fabrics (Jeans, Jersey, Synthetics, etc.).


Users wear their new favorite piece until they return it to the collection system.


Textile collectors sort and hand over the worn-out textiles to eeden.


Meeting tomorrow's requirements today

Compared to the production of new materials, chemical recycling uses significantly less water, requires no arable land, avoids pesticides, and leverages textile waste as a resource. Our technology has the industry’s future in mind. With eeden, the textile industry is already meeting the upcoming EU requirements today.


High Quality and Multi-Loop Recycling

Our products are designed to serve as drop-in solutions for today’s textile industry manufacturing processes. This means: Their high quality can compete with that of new materials, and the production processes don’t need to be altered. Subsequently, the product can be chemically recycled again.

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